domenica 2 luglio 2017

Geodetic - Broken Consonance

The low thrust of a grainy claustrophobic man-made environment, heavy lights, rising atmosphere and human indecision. This is the world we live in, this is the constriction we go through every day, carelessly wading our lives through a bullshit narrative that still needs to be told. Here at the Maple Death HQ we need an OST that can discern the living from the dead, furthering ourselves from oblivion for just one extra day: Geodetic’s debut ‘Broken Consonance’ is our soundtrack today.
Formed in late 2016, Geodetic is the electronic duo of Claudio Rocchetti and Jukka Reverberi. Industrial, techno, cassette culture, avant-garde fascination are all part of their sonic palette. They’ve been trading sounds via the complicated interwebz from their homes in Bolzano and Reggio Emilia, working relentlessly at night, headphones on, baby monitors dialed in at the 1, saturation monitors dialed in at the 10. You always have to cave in somewhere.
Broken Consonance’ opens with ‘I’, a pulsating steady cosmic serpentine hi-hat hissing away almost recalling early Boards Of Canada until saturated hand-claps lead us into 4 track Green Velvet era. ‘II’ moves effortlessly, a slow steady leftfield train of celestial paranoia; ‘III’ and ‘IV’ move from industrial frenzy to meditative landscapes, incorporating the Italian tradition and dark eleganza of 80’s synth cassette pioneers Daniele CiulliniLa Maison and power-electronics king Maurizio Bianchi; ‘VI’ is a pure EDM industrial banger, ripping apart on an Ike Yard-ish circular pattern spreading shards of white noise on broken euro beats. Communal dissonance, endearing infinite dreams.

giovedì 15 giugno 2017


Describing a world of beauty, escape, sorrow, loss and catharsis usually needs a strong leap of faith and when it comes to music such a feat is almost impossible, modern day consumption is pulling us by the throats and we don’t have time to surrender, we don’t have time to let the fog, the mystery, the universal shine seek into our eyes and creep into our minds. There are exceptions, Cindy Lee is one of them, a rare all-in lifer, flickering candle.
Maple Death is beyond honored to team up with Superior Viaduct in presenting Cindy Lee’s Malenkost, the first LP in a series of reissues (plus forthcoming new music) dedicated to one of our most cherished artists of the last decade. For the insiders, we can only use an analogy to describe the feeling CL’s music conveys: pull out your Swell Maps Lp’s, forget the genre, listen to the exact moment, the exact sequence when Blenheim Shots turns into Raining In My Room. Those 30 seconds, that is what we are talking about, that sensation, that abandoned bliss. Patrick Flegel aka Cindy Lee has been turning in those sequences for the best part of the last decade, from his years as singer/guitarist in Canadian cult band Women, to his brief stint as Androgynous Mind, everything has been building up to this moment. For the past 4 years Cindy Lee has been meticulously crafting her pure universe of no wave, doo-wop, noise, Matsumoto visions and psychedelic shimmer untouched and unaffected by external hands. Music so far has been released and carefully dispatched via CL’s own label and website CCQSK Enterprises, selling out as quickly as people could connect and fine-tune their souls.

lunedì 29 maggio 2017

Sensations' Fix - Vision´s Fugitives


In Zaire - Visions of the Age to Come

In Zaire are closing the chapter opened in 2013 with their critically acclaimed debut full-length „White Sun Black Sun“.
This time, the fever-dance takes on new environments, new worlds, new visions. „Visions Of The Age To Come“ is the aptly named follow-ups name that is to be released on Sound Of Cobra Records this spring.

Packing eight tracks of sprawling all-ends-open psych workouts with a definite rock edge to them, their visions have sharpened to a determined longing into the unknown that is most aware of the preceding waypoints the band has travelled through so far.

At the heart of it all is still the underlying hum of the universe and its infinite vibrations - this is boldly stated with „Hermes Dance“, the albums literal opening track. It functions as a foreboding vision showcasing the essentials of the band: rhythm as key to a broad palette of ever-shifting atmospheres and emotions. As soon as this new chapter is opened, we see In Zaire reaping what they’ve sown in the past with a plethora of high-energy riffs and freewheeling outbursts that communicate with each other in a way that brings the ever so apparent dichotomous dance of chaos and form, of focus and blur to the surface of things.

Where its predecessor was bred in much more blurred musical hotbeds, „Visions Of The Age To Come“ is an expressive kaleidoscope of projections (or perceptions?) coming into focus, and in doing so presenting a rich dialogue with the inner and the outer realities we all have to balance. Through the course of the record we get confronted with sonorous entities constantly trying to work with themselves in order to transform, to find new shapes and to eventually pinpoint the reason of their longing.
Culminating in what is arguably the records key track, „The Seven Sermons Of The Dead“ sees the band leading their newfound approach to the edge with an intense marriage of their rock roots with the outer planes they constantly flirt with - the entrancing main riff moves like a snake in a dizzying journey, which finds its destination in the closing title track.
The intensity lifts, the curtains fall, an ending giving birth to a new beginning - In Zaire’s age to come is a promising one.


domenica 4 dicembre 2016

Lorenzo Senni - Persona - Warp records

Lorenzo Senni will release ‘Persona’ on 11 November, his debut EP on Warp. Listen to a new track ‘Win In The Flat World’ below.

‘Persona’ is a fresh insight into Lorenzo Senni’s lucid take on '90's hard trance and its links to EDM and contemporary dancehall. At the core of ‘Persona’ is a raver's disciplined restraint from alcohol or drugs at it's core – reflected in the artwork by Ed Atkins which a CGI depiction of Senni's own “Rave Voyeur”. 
Following this weekend’s show for Red Bull Music Academy Montreal, Lorenzo will play a debut NYC show this Thursday in support of the EP.

Henning Christiansen - Musik Essayistik 2xLP

Henning Christiansen (Copenhagen, 1932 – Isle of Møn, 2008) was a Danish composer and an active member of the Fluxus movement. He studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen and at the more liberal Ex-School (Eks-Skolen) embracing soon its radical approach in study and creation of art and developing his own musical thinking. In 1962 he attended the George Maciunas’s International Festspiele Neuster Musik in Wiesbaden, where he probably experienced an epiphany that caused a significative shift in his artistic practice and musical composition.
Musik Essayistik is the combined reissue of twin releases Fluxyl (1983) and Fluxid(1984) – two of the most obscure and enigmatic records in Christiansen's discography – previously issued separately by Borgen Records in Denmark. Four minimal pieces exploring the clash between instrumental composition-improvisation and pre-recorded real sounds.

giovedì 11 agosto 2016

Claudio Rocchetti - Memoria Istruttiva (Tannen Records)

Indagare il naufragio, più come elemento cultural-esistenziale che come mera evenienza, sembra essere stato alla base del lavoro che ha portato Claudio Rocchetti a pensare e produrre questo Memoria Istruttiva. Un disco che mette in chiaro questa specie di concept sin dal titolo, ispirato alle vicende di Vitaliano Donati (medico e viaggiatore italiano del XVIII secolo morto naufrago nel Mar delle Indie), e dall’immagine di copertina (rielaborazione di Alice Winkler di un ritratto opera di Friedrich, omaggiato dalla dedica del disco insieme a Alexander von Humboldt, altro “esploratore” di notevole fascino). Oltre a questi palesi indizi, Memoria Istruttiva (titolo tratto di peso da uno dei molti “manuali per far viaggi” d’Età Moderna) segue, poi, uno sviluppo interno, una sorta di schema che tende a ricreare alcuni dei percorsi mentali che porta(va)no all’abbandono del luogo natio per avventurarsi in territori più o meno sconosciuti ma pur sempre “altri” rispetto alle rispettive quotidianità, affrontando pericoli e alterità diffusa con occhio curioso e, parafrasando le parole di Goethe, con “quel germe latente di follia” che accompagna ogni partenza.
Ciò che Rocchetti mette in essere è dunque un album umorale, tra alti e bassi atmosferici e saliscendi emotivi che rendono appieno l’idea di spaesamento, difficoltà, pericolo ed emotività alterata che permeava l’esperienza viatoria in Età Moderna. Non è un caso, dunque, che a inaugurare l’album in Our Dying Silent Minds sia il suono di un contrabbasso che si fa quasi sirena portuale, a significare lo sgancio dalla terraferma e l’inizio di una avventura che si snoda lungo un percorso che è distacco da sé, dal quotidiano, e incontro/scontro con l’ignoto e l’alterità minacciosa e ostile. Il procedere a flutti dei droni di The Room, i field recordings di voci che appaiono “fantasmatiche” qua e là come presenze/assenze ectoplasmiche e persistenti in un non-tempo eterno, le reiterazioni sfrigolanti sub specie ambient di Arctic Shipwreck e il loro preludere alla catastrofe, non sono che momenti di un fluire unico che ci dà la misura dell’eccellente lavoro di ricerca, non solo strettamente musicale, messo in atto da Rocchetti. Giunto, se non si fosse capito, a uno dei picchi della propria produzione.