venerdì 21 maggio 2010

Aki Onda - "Precious Moments"

Aki Onda is a New York-based electoronic musician, composer, producer, and a photographer. Since he established himself as a producer in Audio Sports with Eye Yamatsuka and Nobukazu Takemura in the eraly Nineties, Onda has released a string of exquisite solo albums featuring contributions from musicians as diverse as Blixa Bargeld and Linda Sharrock. These include 2003's Cassette Memories series and the highly acclaimed albums Ancient & Modern and Bon Voyage! which Onda performs with multiple cassette recorders and electronics, using sounds he has field-recorded himself as a diary for more than fifteen years.


martedì 18 maggio 2010

Neokarma Jooklo Trio - "Time's Vibes"

And the cosmos has hatched a new egg of progression... The Neokarma Jooklo Trio are a wildflower in the Italian music scene using cosmic improvisation and meditation techniques that gently hoover into musical religion. With uptempo tribal percussion and trance-inducing slightly Middle Eastern and Asian Gamelan influeces, they summon the greater ancient spirits of nature. Ethereal drones are woven to a magical flying carpet, then drenched in reverb and delay to dig deep in an emotional visionary barrel.
Soothing chimes and bells that floatingly enter your space are blurred by it's stoned execution. Neokarma are constantly looking for the perfect balance, patiently waiting and letting the instrumental flow dictate the direction. All in a spacial, almost minimalist fashion, where chords and shifts are breathing in all their shivering glory.

And with every improvised song, a new chapter unfolds and brings a glimpse of a better tomorrow. A hopeful soundtrack delivered in bleak , desolate times. A dance around the campfire where cosmic beliefs walk hand in hand with their earthly presence. A sincere ethnic take on calming the masses to further absorb a world of visions that never abandon post.


lunedì 17 maggio 2010

Plastic Crimewave Sound - "Painted Shadows"

The latest Plastic Crimewave Sound album 'Painted Shadows' (the title inspired by a practice used in german expressionist films) has a more cosmically devotional vibe than past LPs, touching on eastern folk-blues and elongated kraut-like soundscapes, with new elements of banjo, violin and female voice added to the stew. However, there is still some trademark PCWS rocking, as they still deliver blasts of motor city-type acid-punk, japanese-style skree, and waves of tension and release. This is the last PCWS album to feature ace leadsman Nick D'vyne, with the always-solid backbone of PCW(guitars, chants/howls) Mark Lux (bass, electronix) and Lawrence 'Skog Device' Peters (drums).


lunedì 10 maggio 2010

OLYVETTY - "Nostalgya Canaglya"

Olyvetty is a project of audio/visual environment started in Berlin in 2006 by musician Claudio Rocchetti and visual artist Riccardo Benassi.

Olyvetty is the displacement of a symbol, the overcoming of language on content and of information on production. A systematic plumbing of noise dephts and of minimal-techno dérives that reaches new visionary landscapes.

Claudio Rocchetti was born in Bolzano, Italy, but has been living in Berlin for some years. He processes sounds by mixing turntablism's manipulatory techniques with concrete music. He breaks down and deconstructs sounds and uses radios, recorders and microphones to create an analogic process of sound generation.

He is also part of 3/4 Had Been Eliminated and Hypnoflash. His music was released on many labels, including S'agita Recordings, Bar La Muerte, Smallvoices, Wallace Records and Die Schachtel.

Riccardo Benassi was born in Cremona but he had long lived in Bologna and, more recently, in Berlin. He has been working with sound experimentation for years and is a young artist of great promise in Italian contemporary art.

In his work objects become the real protagonists and the audience is encouraged to interact, turning everyday noises into symphonies. His multidisciplinary research is not restricted to sound experimentation and spans over different expressions, such as videos and illustrations.

The two artists met in Berlin and decided to start their collaboration. What they have in common is their actual research on sound, which means a direct interaction with the objects and their surfaces through the use of different supports, both during production and live processing.

Their debut release, entitled "As All-encompassing As a Hole", was self-produced as a de-luxe double 12" hand-engraved picture disc - also available as an extremely limited "pop-up landscape" package of 17 copies - was soon followed by a 7" on Hundebiss Records entitled "Im Leeren". Once again their groundbreaking assault of noise freakerie was superbly packed in a d.i.y. gatefold pop-up black'n'white sleeve.

The duo performed in many european festivals like Sonambiente, Flora and Netmage.

"Nostalgya Canaglya", their newest audio effort, was made available by Afe in October 2008 in the form of a tiny and noisy 3" CD-R Card.


giovedì 6 maggio 2010

Gum - "Vinyl Anthology"

Back in the late '80s, Melbourne's Andrew Curtis and Philip Samartzis collaborated in the aurally volatile project simply called Gum. With little expertise or training, the two gathered up what objects they were familiar with, in particular thrift store turntables and soiled records. Eschewing their original attraction to the giants of Industrial Culture, Gum quickly developed an aesthetic privileging the caustic rupture of skipping records and smoldering surface noise, predating the current avant-turntablist aficionados like Philip Jeck, Janek Schaefer, and Otomo Yoshihide. With the publication of Gum's Vinyl Anthology, 23five, Inc uncovers the bulk of Gum's work, including all of the material from their self-published albums Vinyl and 20 Years in Blue Movies and Yet to Fake an Orgasm as well as several infamous compilation tracks and plenty of unreleased material.


martedì 4 maggio 2010

burkhard stangl / dieb13 - “eh”

burkhard stangl: acoustic & electric guitars, electronic devices
dieb13: turntables, portable computer, portable gramophone

burkhard stangl and dieb13 are both integral members of the increasingly prominent viennese improvised music scene, coalescing around the activities of the durian and charhizma labels.

stangl explores the full range of the guitar, from quiet, melodic plucking to atonal walls of noisy drones. this range and adaptability has allowed him to become a ubiquitous presence on record over the past few years, in the collective projects polwechsel (recordings on erstwhile, durian and hat art), efzeg (grob, durian), and sssd (grob), in duos and trio with christof kurzmann and taku sugimoto (erstwhile, slub, musica genera), and solo (durian, future release on charhizma).

dieb13, who uses a range of names for performing including his real one, dieter kovacic, is a immensely skilled turntablist, as demonstrated by his solo disc (charhizma), and his recorded work with martin siewert, boris hauf, günter müller, jason kahn, werner dafeldecker, and uli fussenegger (durian, grob, for 4 ears).

stangl and dieb first met at a living room concert of efzeg in vienna in 1999. since then they have been continously collaborating in various groups, as well as both participating in billy roisz's videos with soundtrack works. eh documents stangl and dieb's initial work as a duo, and will be complemented by billy roisz's visuals in live situations.

eh was recorded by christoph amann in his studio in vienna (his third project for erstwhile, after schnee and wrapped islands) in december 2001. eh explores a constantly shifting tableau of guitar and electro-acoustic sound, utilizing a kaleidoscopic range of approaches, framed by lulling intro and outro pieces in which stangl's melodies both battle and meld with dieb's noisescapes. the instruments used, from viennese contraguitar and portable gramophone to electric guitar, electronics and computer, encompass over a century of musical history. the source material for the design comes from viennese artist billy roisz, utilizing extreme closeups of old shellac records to create the proper gritty ambience.


lunedì 3 maggio 2010

Mattia Coletti - "Zeno Submarine"

Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Mattia Coletti.
Artwork by Mika Naniwada. Graphics by Mattia Coletti and Mirko Spino
Mastered by Maurizio Giannotti at Bips Studio, Milano.

Compilation of songs collected between 2004 and 2007.
Tennessee dedicated to Satoshi and Mika.


Steve Roden - "The Radio"

« Roden indicated to me that he ‘totally loves this piece’ and I can understand why. This is a beautiful sound work/piece of music (in that broader meaning of music that people like Roden explore). Its density, intricacy and beauty remind me of artists who work only in miniatures: as explored in the Roden ‘special issue’ (&etc v1.7), he works in bounded musical forms, yet creates pieces in there which are expansive and could stretch infinitely despite their limits.‘The radio’ is a prime example of this - each section could be left to continue further and further, delving into its focused world, and the whole disk could be left to repeat, the narrow passage of its composition gradually expanding to encompass the world. Perhaps I exaggerate, but this is a magical, beautiful piece that should not be missed. » Ampersand Etcetera


domenica 2 maggio 2010

Quit Having Fun Compilation!

A double CD-R compilation coming in a deluxe gatefold cardboard sleeve. It includes new and unreleased tracks by Andrea Marutti, Frango, Inhibitionists, Annelies Monserè, Arbdesastr, Wizards Tell Lies, Le Reve Reveille, Lust, Philippe Petit, Sparkle In Grey, Genecyst, Kluge, Rom:U, Arterial Red, Claudio Rocchetti, Iris Garrelfs, Coma Stereo, Unknown Celebrities, Gultskra Artikler, Ben Reynolds, Die Stadt Der Romantische Punks, Black Forest/Black Sea, Compression of the Chest Cavity Mirade, Telekaster and Erika M. Anderson.

Tomas Korber/Ralf Wehowsky - "Walküren am Dornenbaum"

This three year-long collaboration begun in 2006 when Korber and
Wehowsky embarked on intense recording sessions in Eggenstein,
where the latter resides, lasting several days. The output from
these sessions forms the basis of this work, augmented by additional
field recordings and various electronic manipulations. Korber and
Wehowsky used the same software which allowed them to exchange
the pieces at any stage of the compositional process, so that every
detail of the music could be shaped in a truly collaborative manner.
The result obliterates the borders between improvisation and
composition, spontaneity and careful planning.

Tomas Korber (Zurich, 1979) received a basic training in clarinet
and music theory alongside guitar lessons. He discontinued these
studies after five years, shortly thereafter teaching himself to play
electric guitar and use the computer and other electronic devices
for music making. Korber has written compositions and played
improvised music since the early 1990s. He is a prolific solo artist
and performer; his work includes film scores and music for dance
and theatre, as well as numerous collaborations. In 2009 he was
awarded an artist residency in New York City by the Department
of Cultural Affairs of the City of Zurich.

Ralf Wehowsky founded the group P.D. (later renamed P16.D4) in
1981 and the label Wahrnehmungen in 1980, which was renamed
Selektion in 1982. P16.D4 was a highly influential and experimental
group. Their concept of materialaustausch (material exchange) was
developed long before the term ‘remix’ was coined. They performed
at punk and No Wave festivals as well as at the bastions of academic
avant garde such as Ferientage Neuer Musik in Darmstadt. In the
early 1990s Wehowsky adopted his RLW moniker. His quiet, highly
complex style of composition is based on artifacts of instrumental
and electronic lateral noises.

limited edition (300 copies) available through the entr'acte site