lunedì 17 maggio 2010

Plastic Crimewave Sound - "Painted Shadows"

The latest Plastic Crimewave Sound album 'Painted Shadows' (the title inspired by a practice used in german expressionist films) has a more cosmically devotional vibe than past LPs, touching on eastern folk-blues and elongated kraut-like soundscapes, with new elements of banjo, violin and female voice added to the stew. However, there is still some trademark PCWS rocking, as they still deliver blasts of motor city-type acid-punk, japanese-style skree, and waves of tension and release. This is the last PCWS album to feature ace leadsman Nick D'vyne, with the always-solid backbone of PCW(guitars, chants/howls) Mark Lux (bass, electronix) and Lawrence 'Skog Device' Peters (drums).


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