lunedì 3 maggio 2010

Steve Roden - "The Radio"

« Roden indicated to me that he ‘totally loves this piece’ and I can understand why. This is a beautiful sound work/piece of music (in that broader meaning of music that people like Roden explore). Its density, intricacy and beauty remind me of artists who work only in miniatures: as explored in the Roden ‘special issue’ (&etc v1.7), he works in bounded musical forms, yet creates pieces in there which are expansive and could stretch infinitely despite their limits.‘The radio’ is a prime example of this - each section could be left to continue further and further, delving into its focused world, and the whole disk could be left to repeat, the narrow passage of its composition gradually expanding to encompass the world. Perhaps I exaggerate, but this is a magical, beautiful piece that should not be missed. » Ampersand Etcetera


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