mercoledì 22 settembre 2010

Blind Jesus - "Blind Jesus"

Blind Jesus by Andrew L. Hooker and Stefano Pilia debuts with a record that, according to this writer, is one of the best works of avant-rock heard recently: unravelled stuttering in the vein of Storm & Stress fall from crumbling gorges of tape loops, caracoling flights in the foreground interrupted with improvised retro-folk, wanton porno-concrète jokes arm-in-arm with strained ecstatic drones, followed by melancholic acoustic crackling, industrial creaking, soulful moans, obstacular Supreme Dicks style songs... The duo's language is to some extent recognizable "in the style of", but these five tracks improvised with tapes, guitar, samples and effects are sewn together and assembled with a rare sense of fantasy.