giovedì 25 novembre 2010

AV - "Microwave - A Manual"

The title of this new release on Microwave suggests that the tracks
presented here are models for (making) this kind of music. Or it's a hoax
of course. The first track, which is simply called 'A Jingle' tends to make
me believe it's the second choice. Very short and basically just electrical
circuitry gone unwired. but very nice. Second is Radboud Mens with a much
more serious approach: a well defined composition (I wonder if it
couldactually be played backwards and still sound the same...), but lacking
a little in excitement for me. Immedia are present with a track that is for
a very large part inaudible (even on headphones) except for an occasional
outburst. Reminded me of Richard Chartier. Petra Klusmeyer presents a work,
that doesn't actually sound like a microwave piece, but more like serious
electronic composing. And good composing. New one is Monotonos from The
Netherlands, with a clear and sober track. Good introduction. Hem from the
UK is also new to me, with a track that rolls from right to left on the
speakers and has a somewhat sneaky atmosphere. Another new name is Freiband
with a sober, but very subtle track, a strong introduction as well. A
bigger name is Kim Cascone with a short, but fiercely electronic piece.
Another new name is Sony Mao, who's doing a duet with R2D2. But luckily for
us, it's not only funny: it's good as well. And the list of new names (for
me) is longer. Tarlose present themselves (them, him, her, who knows?) with
probably the most minimal track as yet. Reminds me of Surge, but even more
minimal. And who's next? Surge, but with a sound that goes more in the
direction of Chain Reaction than I would have thought possible.A nice
development, I think. That brings us to Brian Lavelle, who's name again is
new for me. This track can almost be seen as a popsong, with an
introduction and the other ingredients to follow. Very nice indeed. Ha, I
know Massimo from a former Microwave release, but I would never have
guessed that the guy produces gabber as well. This one could even work on
the floor, except for that break in the middle of the piece, which makes it
a lot more interesting than your average gabber. I might become a fan of
Mr. Massimo. Cancerman (yep, don't know him) presents a track with a pretty
dark and gloomy atmosphere and leaves everyone waiting for the real beat to
kick in. This expectation remains unfulfilled however, and so Cancerman
escapes obviousness. Arizona Running (new from Holland!) present a very
exciting track with a broad array of electronic sounds and a strong sense
of tension. Last track is by Immedia again and again this is a very low
volume piece, that is very present however. Good filtering. So, this CD can
be considered as a manual, but why? As a compilation of people working in
this 'field' of contemporary electronic music and introducing quite a lot
of new names, it seems to make more sense.


martedì 23 novembre 2010

Nimh - "The Missing Tape"

After the extraordinary 4CD box-set, "Together' s Symphony" (with MAURIZIO BIANCHI), Silentes Minimal Editions is proud to present the incredible new solo effort by NIMH. Stratospheric sounds from another dimension, where multi-cultural sound-worlds collide. Processed electronic emulations of traditional Thai (and other indigenous) instruments, esoteric percussion, breathing, drones, feedback, shortwave radio, disembodied voices floating in air, and hazy field recordings all combine is a most intoxicating manner. With THE MISSING TAPES, NIMH returns to a more adventurous style, pushing the boundaries of sonic innovation past anything that we've heard before. An amazing 50+ minute sonic-travelogue of electroacoustic experiments. Ambiguous music for those who want something completely unique.


lunedì 15 novembre 2010

Diskrepant - "Ex Machina Libertas"

Over the course of four years Per Ahlund, also known as Diskrepant has released four albums, of which 'Ex Machina Libertas' is the last one. The start, a split release with Des Esseintes was a pretty noisy one, but he quickly turned to more quieter music on '33-12' and 'Into Sleep', which get a following on this new one. Like its two predecessors, the sound here is based on field recordings, analogue and digital sound synthesis, concrete sounds, which are melted together. Moulded perhaps is a better word. This music of AI - ambient industrial as well as artificial intelligence. Music from a darker corner of the world, the word underground where a laboratory of aliens create sub humans. Dark rumble in this dark laboratory - why would aliens need light - and some repeated action, which forms a rhythmic loop at one point. Excellent dark atmospheric ambient music, with nothing much new under this particular black sun, but it makes a fine listening round. Very Swedish in packaging, and in terms of dark music, one could say this is the more intelligent brother of some of the Cold Meat Industry bands. (FdW from Vital Weekly)


giovedì 11 novembre 2010

Lorenzo Senni - "Dunno"

Produced, edited, mixed by Lorenzo Senni and mastered by Marcus Schmickler, "Dunno" is the very first official release from the 27years old italian founder of Presto!?; his previous release "Early works" (2007) is a collection of old re-edited tracks mainly influenced by early laptop heroes Mego style.

Now with "Dunno" we have a pure computer music record where digital psychedelia meets brutal pulasr synthesis trains and sharp FM streams. Built up with a double approach, "Dunno", is something between vintage experimentalism of the computer music pioneers and the new digital brutality of fat, acid glissandos and shepard tones in rave style. Using a large palette of computer synthesized sounds and a sophisticated musical awareness he creates ten tracks of beautiful artificial energies and abstract pleasure (Rolf Delley, QJ)

Presto!? Records

lunedì 8 novembre 2010

Mattin / Rocchetti - “long live anticopyright death...”

handmade silkscreened, limited edition of 38
14 tracks x total time 11'.28''

releasing date: october 31st, 2007


mercoledì 3 novembre 2010

Daniel Menche - "Scattered Remains: Early Rarities"

Keeping track of the musical output of Daniel Menche has never been easy. Besides his numerous albums and singles, released by an eclectic range of labels, he has contributed countless tracks to compilations, many of which reached only the smallest of audiences. “Scattered Remains” tracks his progress from 1995 through 1999, collecting the best of these pieces, now fully remastered, onto two full-length CDs. With the passing of time it has become nearly impossible to find many the original releases these tracks came on, making this rarities collection a must have for long-time fans and new converts alike. Besides the material culled from CD compilations, three tracks previously only available on vinyl appear in digital form for the first time ever. The list of labels involved reads like a who’s who of cutting edge music in the ‘90s: Banned Productions, Ash International, 23five, Noise Museum, Self Abuse, Isomorphic, KAON, Shirocoal, Suterfuge, G.M.B.H. and of course, Soleilmoon.

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Soleilmoon Label Site