lunedì 15 novembre 2010

Diskrepant - "Ex Machina Libertas"

Over the course of four years Per Ahlund, also known as Diskrepant has released four albums, of which 'Ex Machina Libertas' is the last one. The start, a split release with Des Esseintes was a pretty noisy one, but he quickly turned to more quieter music on '33-12' and 'Into Sleep', which get a following on this new one. Like its two predecessors, the sound here is based on field recordings, analogue and digital sound synthesis, concrete sounds, which are melted together. Moulded perhaps is a better word. This music of AI - ambient industrial as well as artificial intelligence. Music from a darker corner of the world, the word underground where a laboratory of aliens create sub humans. Dark rumble in this dark laboratory - why would aliens need light - and some repeated action, which forms a rhythmic loop at one point. Excellent dark atmospheric ambient music, with nothing much new under this particular black sun, but it makes a fine listening round. Very Swedish in packaging, and in terms of dark music, one could say this is the more intelligent brother of some of the Cold Meat Industry bands. (FdW from Vital Weekly)


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