martedì 18 maggio 2010

Neokarma Jooklo Trio - "Time's Vibes"

And the cosmos has hatched a new egg of progression... The Neokarma Jooklo Trio are a wildflower in the Italian music scene using cosmic improvisation and meditation techniques that gently hoover into musical religion. With uptempo tribal percussion and trance-inducing slightly Middle Eastern and Asian Gamelan influeces, they summon the greater ancient spirits of nature. Ethereal drones are woven to a magical flying carpet, then drenched in reverb and delay to dig deep in an emotional visionary barrel.
Soothing chimes and bells that floatingly enter your space are blurred by it's stoned execution. Neokarma are constantly looking for the perfect balance, patiently waiting and letting the instrumental flow dictate the direction. All in a spacial, almost minimalist fashion, where chords and shifts are breathing in all their shivering glory.

And with every improvised song, a new chapter unfolds and brings a glimpse of a better tomorrow. A hopeful soundtrack delivered in bleak , desolate times. A dance around the campfire where cosmic beliefs walk hand in hand with their earthly presence. A sincere ethnic take on calming the masses to further absorb a world of visions that never abandon post.


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