domenica 2 maggio 2010

Tomas Korber/Ralf Wehowsky - "Walküren am Dornenbaum"

This three year-long collaboration begun in 2006 when Korber and
Wehowsky embarked on intense recording sessions in Eggenstein,
where the latter resides, lasting several days. The output from
these sessions forms the basis of this work, augmented by additional
field recordings and various electronic manipulations. Korber and
Wehowsky used the same software which allowed them to exchange
the pieces at any stage of the compositional process, so that every
detail of the music could be shaped in a truly collaborative manner.
The result obliterates the borders between improvisation and
composition, spontaneity and careful planning.

Tomas Korber (Zurich, 1979) received a basic training in clarinet
and music theory alongside guitar lessons. He discontinued these
studies after five years, shortly thereafter teaching himself to play
electric guitar and use the computer and other electronic devices
for music making. Korber has written compositions and played
improvised music since the early 1990s. He is a prolific solo artist
and performer; his work includes film scores and music for dance
and theatre, as well as numerous collaborations. In 2009 he was
awarded an artist residency in New York City by the Department
of Cultural Affairs of the City of Zurich.

Ralf Wehowsky founded the group P.D. (later renamed P16.D4) in
1981 and the label Wahrnehmungen in 1980, which was renamed
Selektion in 1982. P16.D4 was a highly influential and experimental
group. Their concept of materialaustausch (material exchange) was
developed long before the term ‘remix’ was coined. They performed
at punk and No Wave festivals as well as at the bastions of academic
avant garde such as Ferientage Neuer Musik in Darmstadt. In the
early 1990s Wehowsky adopted his RLW moniker. His quiet, highly
complex style of composition is based on artifacts of instrumental
and electronic lateral noises.

limited edition (300 copies) available through the entr'acte site


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  1. hello! thanks for the attention, but this record is still very much in print so we'd be grateful if you
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    allon kaye (entr'acte), on behalf of tomas korber and ralf wehowsky