martedì 6 luglio 2010

Ilpo Väisänen - "Asuma"

With a little cabin and digitally-altered woodland scenes decorating it, Pan Sonic member Ilpo Väisänen's solo disc is perhaps an industrial/microscopic ode to the great outdoors... who knows? With Scandinavian names appended to crunchy obscurities, Asuma could be about anything. For fans of that crunchy microsound though, it may well be more fun than a picnic in the forest...

Muted drum-like pulsations sputter in the opening track, slowly gaining an electric fibrillation here, a tiny jitter there... until all evolves to become the buzzing entity of Autioitu I. Brassily ringing drones course through Tukahduttaja, backed by coarse, downwardly-sliding ripples. As if an energetic drummer's output were digitized into binary code the reinterpolated through Väisänen's computer, Klikki pips and pops with spunk, then suddenly veers into a murkier phase before recovering its previous rhythmic self.

The mechanically droning atmospheres of Asumaton (8:51) shift on various thrumming layers, then are topped with higher-pitched arpeggios. Vallitseva blits and bleeps as more micro-syncopation pockmarks the dense, undulating surface, ringing with an increasingly glaring sheen. Quiet wisps intermittently flutter through Arvioimaton Ongelma (0:44), growing louder and spastically birdlike at its conclusion.

Jaettu's stark metered pulses synchronize before spattering into their own directions, regrouping and then fading away. Sporadic clicks keep time in Autioitu II, to be joined by distant mechanical resonance.

Breaking electronic sounds down into molecular particles then reassembling them into a world of his own making, Ilpo Väisänen explores the crisp digital vistas of Asuma.


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