giovedì 5 agosto 2010

Désormais "Climate Variations"

Désormais, a French adverb meaning “from now on,” is an apt ­ if somewhat oblique - tag for the collaboration between Mitchell Akiyama and Joshua Treble. Begun in the fall of 2001, the resulting album, Climate Variations, is the product of mundane exchanges - sound file uploads, emails, phones calls, cdr’s, etc. Despite the distance between the two musicians, both real and virtual (Akiyama is based in Montreal, Joshua Treble (aka Tony Boggs) in Cincinnati), the result is a total communion of personal styles and aesthetics.

Located somewhere between the drone rock of My Bloody Valentine and the glitch-scapes of Christian Fennesz, Climate Variationsis a mosaic of guitar shards, piano fragments, field complaints and borderline copyright infringements. It is a sublime and sometimes jarring work that is as captivating in its intricacy as it is in its raw emotional power.


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