venerdì 17 dicembre 2010

Thomas Brinkmann - "Rosa"

First compilation of tracks that was issued by Germany's Thomas Brinkmann, original released in 2000. This CD compiled many of the legendary Ernst 12" series, partly with new mixes and versions. That series of classic late 90s orange sleeved/labeled 12"'s, featured all German-ish female names for tracks (aka Anna/Beate, Clara/Doris, Erika/Frauke, Gisela/Heidi, Inge/Jutta, Monika/Nicola, Petra/Olga, Susi/Trixi, Ulla/Vera, Wilma/Xenia, Yvette/Zora). Ultra-minimal, cutting, Brinkmann-esque. Some of the most riveting electronic music of the last decade and self-defining. With one bonus previously unreleased track.


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