martedì 10 maggio 2011

Bill Horist - "Songs From The Nerve Wheel"

Songs From the Nerve Wheel is a collection of solo guitar improvisations from the free jazz/avant garde end of the spectrum. Horist's use of extended techniques and effects give the whole album a dark, otherworldly tone. Delays are used at times to provide a hint of rhythm as Horist squeaks and scrapes on his guitar, using a musical vocabulary that owes a great debt to Derek Bailey. At times you'd swear this was somehow electronically generated. In fact, there is hardly a hint of any conventional guitar technique anywhere on this recording. Horist definitely knows how to operate his toys, but the lack of a wide tonal range makes the pieces all sound similar. Fans of Henry Kaiser's outside solo guitar improv and K.K. Null's sheets of sound experiments should check this out. Not for the timid. ~ Sean Westergaard


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