mercoledì 27 luglio 2011

Black Sun Productions - "Astral Walk"

Musick for the Performancoid Installation Plastic Spider Thing Pt. 22

Originally release in July 2004 as 1.000 copies jewel case CD by FinalMuzik.

I. Entrata lentissima
II. Lento
III. Moderato
IV. Marziale
V. Forte
VI. Forte con brio
VII. Macabre (Meet Murder My Angel)
VIII. Spedito
IX. Coda lenta

Composed, performed and recorded by CCCPierce, except: track VII composed by Soft Cell (Almond / Ball) and here performed by Massimo & Pierce. Additional inspirations by Coil and Aleister Crowley. Originally created as a soundtrack for Plastic Spider Thing Part XXII (November 2003). Remastering 2004 by Sergio Pigozzi.


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