mercoledì 3 agosto 2011

Expo 70 / Be Invisible Now! - "Split"

That's a long and repetitive hypnotic mantra to elevate Your cerebral remains to an higher plan, - all built on four suites, two per Artist, USA meets Italy, both persuasive and sinister, like soundscoring a four-stages trip for the outer space. Justin Wright records an airy synth sample similar to a quiet respiratory movement, - then He makes a loop of it, to death, and it weaves a infinite carpet of sounds where an acoustic guitar advances solemnly, in a crescendo of fuzzy solo and symphonic multilayered arpeggio. The following obsessive satured signal of Seeker Of Sonic Auras wouldn't disfigure on A Clockwork Orange o.s.t.. - Be Invisible Now! will totally wash Your head, - a music bath of low cosmic frequencies and quirky drones, - a psychedelic slowdown into isolation. When suddenly the drums are calling, the doped ambient turns in a magnetic storm, and winds drive You by force along space exploration. L'Ultimo Giardino Dietro La Chiesa is the stronger venture here, - abrasive synths and minimal resonances as rythm section, a couple of harsh explosions, a long brilliant elucubration, - nothing left to improvisation: for sure, stronger and more mature indeed than debut album Neutrino.
Excellent split CD, warmly suggested, - especially if You dig Murcof, - probably one of best releases on Boring Machines' suicidal (as well always highly respectable) catalogue


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