lunedì 29 marzo 2010

Kevin Drumm / Martin Tétreault - "Particles and Smears"

Label: Erstwhile
Year: 2000

Chicago-based Kevin Drumm (guitar, electronics) and Montreal-based Martin Tétreault (turntables) traveled in separate musical circles, each unaware of the other's work, until a Chicago-based organization, Lampo, booked Tétreault for a concert with Drumm and the ubiquitous Jim O'Rourke in September of 1999. While Tétreault was in Chicago, he and Drumm spent some time in the studio, and this CD contains the results, as recorded by TV Pow's Todd Carter.

Drumm, best known for his two superb solo records on Perdition Plastics, and Tétreault, best known for his collaborative series of discs on Ambiances Magnetiques with the likes of Otomo Yoshihide and Ikue Mori, meld their techniques seamlessly to form a thoroughly integrated record. While both musicians are more than capable of playing solo sets filled with compelling ideas from beginning to end, here both seem to make a conscious effort to subsume their identities in order to create a greater work.


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