giovedì 25 marzo 2010

Pietro Grossi - "Musicautomatica"

Label: Die Schachtel
Year: 2008

The long awaited CD edition of our first vinyl release ever (2003), will finally give a wider audience the opportunity to listen to some of the most intense compositions of this visionary and uncompromising composer.
Minimalist before the Minimalists, pioneer of Computer Music, founder of the Studio of Phonology of Florence, visual artist and hacker ahead of his time. This was Pietro Grossi, a larger-than-life Italian composer who questioned the concept of musical authorship and the idea of personal artistic expression: “A piece is not only a work (of art), but also one of the many “works” one can freely transform: everything is temporary, everything can change at any time”. “Ideas are not personal anymore, they are open to every solution, everybody could use them"


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