domenica 11 aprile 2010

Eddie Prévost/Organum - "Flayed/Crux"

"Crux" is an Organum track, featuring Andrew Chalk on bowed gong, David Jackman on drone flute & bowed piano, Dinah Jane Rowe on drone flute and Stephen Stapleton on chair. Its a pretty classic piece to say the least. "If you like the dronescapes of traditional Far Eastern musics, youll love Crux; if you wigged out to La Monte Young at his most conceptual, youll do much the same with this. Better still, you may love Crux having previously heard none of these supposed influences; youre simply wired for sound." --David Ilic. "Flayed" features mainly AMMs Prévost on drums, general percussion and acme thunderer whistle, while Jackman added some bowed gongs and electronic sounds." -Matchless


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