giovedì 22 aprile 2010

Ronin - "Ep"

When he is not slicing his guitar strings in a wild Ovo jam , Bruno Dorella reveals his passion for laid back and traditionally oriented music in the incarnation of Ronin. Dorella is quite a character,running one of the most extreme labels with such deranged acts like Allun , Pin Pin Sugar and his own Ovo , but still able to find a soft spot for tender music such as Ronin’s. With echoing spaghetti western guitars , mournful accordion , light drumming and deep distant bass , this E.P starts as a sad and instrumental alternative country dirge , reminiscent of early Calexico , 16 Horsepower or Ennio Morricone , but the upcoming tracks "Canzone D'amore Moldava" and "Ronin Theme (Storm Reprise)" are much more Dynamic , still keeping a sorrowful mood that is mixed with a vivid and Italian temper .Next are the 39 seconds of Ronin's “outro” , with the gentle guitar of Brunno Dorella. All in all , this beautiful piece clocks in less than 14 minutes. I only wish it was longer and I'd love to hear a full album by these guys who succeed in keeping the true spirit of spaghetti western music that reinvent itself in Italy in the early 60’s and left her input on the highly acclaimed American alternative country scene of today.


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