lunedì 27 giugno 2011

Masafumi Ezaki / Taku Unami - "Manga-Michi"

Manga-Michi is a short, very sparse duo performance by trumpeter Masafumi Ezaki and electronicist Taku Unami. Both musicians tend toward a severe minimalization of the sonic palette and a hyper-awareness of the silences surrounding the quiet sounds they produce. Those sounds are always quite abstract; few casual listeners would identify Ezaki's contributions as having emanated from a trumpet, for example. But the two performers display remarkable empathy, each clearly conversing with the other, thereby softening what might otherwise be an excessively arcane foray. When the volume does well up into even the slightly loud zone, it's as thought there's a momentary flaring of a heated discussion. Unami, especially, is a master at choosing just the right, subtle tone, be it a sine wave, a series of glitch-like clicks, or a serene wash of white noise, to complement his partner or partially fill in open space, always leaving a trace of that space in the listener's consciousness. Fans of the contemporary onkyo scene in Japan as well as those who enjoy the spare beauty of musicians like Taku Sugimoto will discover a lovely world herein.


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