giovedì 30 giugno 2011

Pimmon - "Electronic Tax Return"

Kid 606s Tigerbeat 6 label spreads its wings that little bit further and brings us the latest LP from Australia's Paul Gough, aka Pimmon. With a diversity of sound that fuses an Oval-esque glitched-up ambience with chaos-theory music in the vein of Bernard Parmegiani and Autechre, the sound here is a wide mesh of almost intangible emissions that sometimes create a hub of pops and randomized activity, and sometimes come together to unleash soundscapes that are almost unspeakably beautiful. 'Vovul ll' is one such track, devotees of Christian Fennesz would do well to look into its washes of processed acoustic organisms and floating glitch bubbles. 'Slow Burn Friends' is equally mesmerizing....the gradual encounter of ambience through malfunction is incredibly soothing and deeply evocative. Pimmon, along with Fennesz's Endless Summer, has here created one of the finest evocations within this genre in quite some time. Essential.


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