lunedì 28 febbraio 2011

Gert-Jan Prins - "Noise Capture"

The solo Prins CD is a different beast altogether and is somewhat an extension of his electronics work on "Is It Elm?". Prins' background is not only in free improvisation and electronics but in rock and industrial music as well. His first important group, Gorgonzola Legs, was an industrial/free-jazz hybrid and he still plays in the experimental rock group Analecta which he has been part of since the early 90's. The edge and raw quality of
these influences is present in 'Noise Capture' which is essentially an organization of electronic and percussive sounds. What begins with three minutes of electronic crackle turns into an intense ten minute repeating hocket of industrial sounds which contains complex and subtle variations similarly found in a
Haino Keiji blowout.
And it goes on from there. Many of the patterns Prins creates
repeat in a driving rhythmic pulse making a very musical and very full sound. Think David Tudor meets Trent Reznor. A very interesting CD and I'm sure glad someone else can add their name to list with Robert Ashley and Nam June Paik of people putting TV sets to good use!


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