domenica 27 febbraio 2011

Maurizio Bianchi/M.B. - "Blut und Nebel"

This CD is a 'de-compilation' of Maurizio Bianchi's first 10 LPs from the early 1980s.
It is an excellent demonstration of Bianchi's skills at dadaistic collage, free-form improvisation and abstract soundsculpting, as accrued over twenty years of electronic manipulation.
Noise is employed like an electric guitar to produce solos of manic intensity.

1 Genocide - Symphonic Holocaust
2 Womenses - Instrumental Secretion
3 Neuro Moerder - Concrete Anamnesis
4 Regole - Physiologic Musicality
5 Mecptyo - Acoustic Contamination
6 Testamento - Electrophonic Ultimatum
7 Endometrium - Haematic Cacophony
8 Carcynosi - Minimal Metastasis
9 Truth - Mutant Sonorities
10 Har-Maghedon - Apocalyptic Dissonance


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