venerdì 11 febbraio 2011

Johannes Frisch & Ralf Wehowsky - "Unwahrscheinlichkeiten"

he duo of Johannes Frisch and Ralf Wehowsky has already showed up on the "Tränende Würger" CD (Korm Plastics, 2005). The main instrument of Frisch is double bass, the trademark approach of Wehowsky is pedantic electronic sound transformation aiming towards artifacts and tiny details of sound to be put to the foreground. The collaboration of these two musicians combines modern neoclassical and concrete music with complex psycholigical compositional structure. The album consists of three tracks. The first one was recorded real-time with minimal post-editing. The second one contains two recordings of the same piece, taped after each other during the same recording session. The third track consists of 3 excerpts from one recording, played back in different speeds and layered over each other. Pathologically strange sound of a classical instrument, filtered under a meticulous supervision of a German composer - the accents are put on microscopic details of double bass, all rustles and creaks are put to the front, supported by strange electronic sounds as if sucked by syringes from the wires of pick-ups and effects modules. Recommended to the rare lovers of getting into the very depth of sound.


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