giovedì 24 febbraio 2011

William Basinski - "The Garden of Brokenness"

'The Garden of Brokenness' takes a recently discovered tape loop from his piano and tape experiments (c.1979) then transforms it into a hauntingly hypnotic compisition that clocks in at 50 minutes and more than stands comprison with his 'Disintergration Loops' series. Trying to pin down what it is that makes Basinksi so special is nigh on impossible, but like all true innovators his vision and sound come together to produce something beyond the reach of a whole warehouse of adjectives, and in doing so subtly alter the way you view those things around you. Fervent bollocks you may think, but having submerged yourself in Basinki's beguiling fusion of bellicose aural clouds and distant piano, it's all to easy to become starry-eyed in admiration. Utterly essential.


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