giovedì 21 aprile 2011

Brendan Murray - "All The Little Three Inch CDRs Are Dancin' In Heaven, My Dear"

Brendan Murray is a self-taught musician living in Somerville, MA. He has actively recorded and performed with electronics since 1999.

He regards his music as a balance between spontaneous sound making and compositional rigor, with an emphasis on drones and repetition. He records and processes instruments and tapes until all traces of instrumentality are blurred, leaving only large blocks of pure sound.

Murray has also toured extensively throughout the United States as a solo performer and as a member of various improvising ensembles. He is actively involved with long distance collaborations with musicians and sound artists such as Seth Nehil, Richard Garet and Chuck Bettis.

He is also a founding member of the group Ouest, with longtime friends and collaborators Jay Sullivan and Howard Stelzer.

Other activities include playing drums and guitar in the rock band Paper Summer, composing music for film and occasionally presenting a concert series in the Boston area; “Uppercase Sound”, which features upcoming and established electronic musicians from New England.

He has recorded four full-length CDs, four cdrs and two cassettes for various record labels in the United States and Europe.


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