mercoledì 27 aprile 2011

OvO - "Cor Cordium"

Drifting in the limbo between the percussive sludge of Jucifer and the surreal assault of Fantômas is OvO, an Italian duo who have been conducting audio terrorism for the past 5 years, stripping metal down to its very foundations and crushing all beneath the power of their live shows. Cor Cordium captures this on record with terrifying accuracy, producing that same gravitational sense of dense claustrophobia but in the confines of your own headspace.

Waves of distorted noise and feedback set an almost constant backdrop to Bruno Dorella’s precision-crafted drumming, made all the more impressive by the minimalistic kit which he utilises, while Stefania Pedretti’s guitar produces some of the most distressing noise ever emitted by a stringed instrument. Then there’s her voice, occasionally possessing the softness of a J-pop chanteuse but more often it’s near-demonic, a nightmarish array of growls, screeches and croaked whispers, guiding a twisting path through this harsh and fascinating journey.


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