sabato 2 aprile 2011

Earthless - "Sonic Prayer"

he first long player of EARTHLESS is opened frankly with drums warming up the hypnotic web soon being veawed by repetitive bass. A chaotic guitar sound wall approachs, and the sound is treated at some points beyond normal guitar sound. After the needed room is reserved with the entry, a powerful stoner rock riff theme is introduced, then followed by truly great acid rock guitar solo. In the second track a short mantra in oriental sounding chords starts to grow as downtuned heavy stoner riff progressions, later evolving again to fine acid guitar solos and closed by reprising the riff themes.

The guitar player Isaiah Mitchell is in my opinion very talented and imaginative solo guitarrist, the professionally performing rhythm section mostly keeps the set together. I think it is an achievement to lead a twenty minutes excluding jam track with solo instrument in an interesting manner. The overall sound of this group is also really pleasant to listen, an association of an expanded treatment of THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE's "Driving South" BBC Session track is born in my mind, also live sound of CREAM with less-adventurous rhythm section is another thought as comparison.

So if you like guitar driven heavy psychedelic rock music, where long jams are borne from simple rules and vivid imagination, this record will probably please you.

(taken from progarchives)


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