mercoledì 27 aprile 2011

Tasaday - "Con il corpo crivellato di stelle"

Starting with drastic and chaotic rock'n'roll guitar riffs, the music can fall occasionally into ethno-beat or jazzy-influenced impov, just forcing you to change your mind and to be more and more confused. The only constant thing: apocalyptic power as the main thing in the means of ascendancy over the listener. This direction was chosen since early 80s, and it equalizes the origins of new millenium with the prehistoric twilight, ignoring many boundaries and particular styles. Imagine Laibach and Einstürzende Neubauten playing post-rock, or collaged music of O Yuki Conjugate, Sex Pistols and Porcupine Tree, being played forwards and backwards! Or mutated music of pygmean people being transmigrated from natural jungle to the concrete one? Each track contains a surprise, each sound is able to make you shudder, even if the overall harmony isn't destroyed and lullaby your ears with old italian song. Tasaday plays real industrial music using traditional acoustic instruments - what can be more pleasant for advanced in age rebel and what can be more difficult for klubhead-dandy... This album can be described in terms of ecstasy and paranoia of professional musicians, if they will forget everything they learned for the years. It's a disobedience day in the land of your physical body, it's a musical about cannibals being, tribalism and futurism meeting at the last chance, etc etc... The total time is more than hour, and as far as this time goes, the experimental feel is growing, reaching the highest point at last track (following by notorious hidden track!) - the sound is turning to electronic, the rhythm is appearing, the chaotic emotions finally get replaced by chaotic mind.


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